3 Steps to Boost AC Efficiency

The sweltering heat during summer means that it’s essential for your HVAC to deliver peak performance. An efficient HVAC system ensures that you get cool indoor temperatures and pocket-friendly energy bills. Here are three steps you can take to improve your AC efficiency this summer.

1. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The high temperatures of the summer mean that the primary function of your air conditioner will be cooling your home. As the seasons change, the condition of your HVAC also changes. Therefore, you should seek to hire a professional for HVAC maintenance. It’s never too late to schedule this maintenance.

One component that is key to your cooling needs is the condenser. An experienced technician will need to vacuum the condenser coils to ensure that any dirt or dust buildup clears off. An HVAC professional will also check for issues or leaks in the refrigerant.

Indoor air quality may suffer due to the moisture and humidity levels in the summer. We recommend that you change your air filters monthly to boost airflow and to ensure high indoor air quality. Airflow is crucial to your HVAC system’s efficiency, so ask a professional to look for blockages in your vents or registers.

A professional will clear out any items that may block your air vents. DIY maintenance is not effective and may inflict damage to your AC unknowingly, so hire expert technicians to conduct proper maintenance of your air conditioner.

2. Use the Thermostat Properly

Knowing how to use your thermostat correctly can improve the efficiency of your AC system. Actions such as constantly adjusting the thermostat or setting very low temperatures to achieve quicker cooling will only deteriorate the performance of your HVAC. It is best to set the thermostat at a constant temperature of around 76-78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer.

3. Improve Airflow

Proper ventilation will help ensure maximum AC efficiency. Professionals recommend that you incorporate fans during summer days to increase the airflow inside your home. However, using fans while no one is in a room is inefficient. That is because fans can only cool people through the windchill effect, not the air.

As you increase air flow, consider installing an air purifier to ensure that the air is cleaner, which can take some work off your AC. Consequently, the cleaner air will help boost your AC system’s efficiency and your comfort.

Extreme temperatures during the summer can cause your family discomfort while also reducing your indoor air quality. Contact Sun City Plumbing & Heating experts for your HVAC repair, installation and maintenance needs.

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