Reverse osmosis is how you eliminate contaminants and sediments from water by forcing it through a porous or semi-permeable membrane at high pressure. The process allows you to access water purified at several levels and eliminates bacteria and dissolved salts. If your home is in Dona Ana, NM, here are reasons why your drinking water should come from a reverse osmosis filtering system.

1. Improved Water Taste

Unfiltered water contains minerals such as chlorine and debris gathered from the water source or through the pipes. Chemical contaminants alter the natural taste of water taken directly from the taps. Reverse osmosis produces water that is fresh, satisfying and retains its natural taste.

2. Fewer Contaminants

The removal of debris particles, and contaminants is the primary purpose of reverse osmosis. This water treatment process helps remove chemicals and impurities from the water. If you have a weak immune system or are undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments, this system will help remove lead and the Cryptosporidium parasite, both of which can be harmful to an immunocompromised system.

3. Reverse Osmosis is Environmentally Friendly

Plastic bottles are convenient for carrying drinking water, but they also pollute the environment. Since they are non-biodegradable, the plastics do not undergo natural decomposition, leading to a high carbon footprint. Reverse osmosis helps eliminate this problem since it makes it so you can drink purified water directly from your tap.

4. Cost Effective

Purchasing bottled water regularly can put a strain on your budget; you can save money by using one of these filtering systems. The system consumes little energy while operating, helping to bring down your utility bills. The removal of impurities and parasites from the water reduces your chances of sickness caused by impure water, which reduces your medical bills.

Reverse osmosis water is pure and healthy, and you can get it right from your sink. Visit us today at Sun City Plumbing & Heating for water treatment, water softener solutions, water heater repair and HVAC services.

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