5 Spots Ideal For Thermostat Placement in Your Dona Ana, NM, Home

For effective performance in your Dona Ana, NM, home, you need to place thermostats in specific spots. Placing them in the right area of your home helps to ensure that it will deliver accurate readings and function as they should. Here are some of the best places you can put a thermostat in your home.

In the Living Room

The ideal spot for a thermostat in the living room is on an inside wall away from any windows, doors or heat sources. You want to ensure that it is not in direct sunlight or near a heating vent to get an accurate reading of the temperature in the room.

On Interior Walls

Another good spot for a thermostat is on an interior wall. Interior walls tend to be more temperature stable than exterior walls. You want to avoid placing it on an exterior wall because the temperature can fluctuate more on these walls due to the influence of the outdoors.

Away From Heat Sources

It’s also important to place your thermostat away from heat sources such as lamps, televisions and fireplaces. These heat sources can cause the thermostat to give inaccurate readings, cause your heating and cooling system to run unnecessarily, and increase the chances of AC repairs.

In a Central Location

You want to place the thermostat in a central location to get an accurate temperature reading throughout your home. Central places receive less temperature fluctuation than rooms closer to windows, doors or heat sources.

At a Comfortable Height

The ideal height for a thermostat is between 4 and 5 feet off the ground. The temperature in a room tends to be warmer near the floor and cooler near the ceiling.

The efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system depends on the accuracy of your thermostat. By placing your thermostat in the right spot, you can help to ensure that it functions properly and doesn’t waste energy. If you’re not sure where to place your thermostat, contact Sun City Plumbing & Heating for help, and improve the heating and cooling process in your home.

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