Choose a Ductless or Portable Unit

When you shop for a heating system for your renovated attic, basement or garage weigh all of the available options. Ductless and portable units are great ways to provide supplemental heating and AC in rooms that are not already ducted. Below are some of the differences between a ductless heating unit and a portable unit.

What is a Ductless Unit?

Also referred to as a ductless mini-split system, this option consists of two main components. One component is an indoor air handler you mount on a wall inside your home. The other part is similar to a condensing unit of the central heating because it sits outside your house.

The external component consists of coils and a compressor that extracts heat from the outside. The system then transfers heat to the refrigerant and carries it indoors to the wall-mounted air handlers. It is a smaller version heat pump. Ductless systems have more advantages than portable units.

Pros of Ductless Heating

Dustless systems are more secure compared to portable units. This means that intruders cannot easily remove and carry them. Other advantages include:

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Smart heating and cooling with more efficiency than the portable units
  • The system does not work with ductwork that is prone to leaks and regular maintenance.
  • Simple installations with only one 3 inche hole on a single exterior walls
  • Safe from fire hazards, burns and toxic emissions
  • The system is highly efficient in a moderate climate.

Cons of Ductless Heating

The only downside to a ductless AC and heating system, compared to a portable unit, is that you must involve a certified professional when installing it.

Portable Units

A portable unit is a small heater that provides warmth while placed on the floor of your house. It has a hose mounted to a window and acts as a hot air exhaust. Some of its advantages include:

  • Low purchasing price
  • Transferable to different points of the house
  • Eliminates a small cold area within your home
  • Offers the lowest heating cost when heating just a single room

Cons of Portable Heaters

There a a number of disadvantages of this heating system compared to ductless designs that include the following:

  • Requires ventilation for gas-fired space heaters
  • Possess fire hazards and burns from electric heating elements
  • Emission of dangerous combustion gases when using gas-fired space heaters.
  • Without ventilation, you cannot use kerosene or gas-fired places indoors.

If you need more information about home mini-split units, contact Sun City Plumbing and Heating. We are ready to help you make the right decision in home heating solutions.

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