Given that Las Cruces, New Mexico, sits at the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, effective air conditioning is a necessity. Summer temperatures routinely climb into the triple digits, making it a real challenge to stay cool. The heat and dust take a toll on your AC as well, creating wear on components and potentially causing malfunctions. Failing to keep up with air conditioning maintenance only exacerbates these problems. To learn more, let’s take a look at some of the most common air conditioning repairs we make for area residents.

Refrigerant Leaks

One of the most common air conditioning issues you’re likely to encounter, a refrigerant leak is a serious problem. Low refrigerant leads to poor cooling performance and increased utility costs. It can also cause your system to work harder to compensate, potentially causing even more extensive damage. One of the key signs of a refrigerant leak is ice buildup, particularly around the evaporator coils.

Drainage Issues

Living in the Las Cruces area means occasionally dealing with wind-borne dust. Among other problems, this dust can sometimes penetrate your AC system. When this happens, it often collects in the drain used to channel the water your unit removes from the air. When this drain line becomes clogged, water may run back into your system and cause it to stop working properly. Clearing out the drain quickly is essential to protecting your AC from further problems.

Malfunctioning Compressors

Perhaps no component in your air conditioner experiences as much stress and strain as the compressor. In order to function correctly, your compressor requires a steady and unobstructed flow of air. Unfortunately, accumulated dust and dirt often disrupt this airflow and cause the compressor to overheat. Plant growth around the outdoor AC unit can also block airflow. The compressor is one of your system’s most essential components, so any potential issues require prompt attention.

There’s no time to spare when your air conditioner isn’t working properly. In addition to leaving you uncomfortable and inconvenienced, a malfunctioning AC can also cause spiking utility bills and premature failure. Getting quick and reliable air conditioning repairs are essential. To learn more, check out Sun City Plumbing & Heating’s AC repair services or call (575) 824-7030.

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